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Weight loss
Started by: Helloween at April 18 2011

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Weight loss By: Helloween
April 18 2011
I was using nat phos ,I am 56 kg now and i want to reduce more weight with natrum phos ,telme what diet should i take?

Re:Weight loss By: Helloween
April 18 2011
I was using nat phos 6x for loosing weight and i loose 1 kg per week and now i am 56kg and want to loose more weight ,telme what diet shoul i take which help me to loose weight quickly

Re:Weight loss By: user123
April 21 2011
fiber rich diet.
no sugar, no meat.
brisk walking for one hour daily.
regular breathing exercises.

Re:Weight loss By: Helloween
April 21 2011
Breakfast boil egg a bran bread ,acup of tea,,I only have boil chicken in lunch ,evening sugarfree biscuits,and pulses or sometimes cooked chiken in dinner with wheat bread, telme is dis diet is good for me or not durin use of natrum phos 6x

Re:Weight loss By: Helloween
April 21 2011

Re: Weight loss By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
April 22 2011
I have already responded to your post on the Nat Phos thread.

I note that you are 56kg in weight and wish to reduce it further.

I do not know what your weight is today and how much you have lost and the time frame that you have lost it in.

It seems to me that 56kg is adequate for a female and as I see it you do not have to go on the diet that you have described in your last post.

Remember that exercise is very important and so is drinking at least 3 ltrs of water daily.

Re:Weight loss By: user123
April 22 2011
fiber rich means green leafy veggies, salad.
white breads should be avoided, eat roti/chapati made from whole flour.

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