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teeth grinding during sleep
Started by: lajaw at March 11 2011

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teeth grinding during sleep By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
March 11 2011
Dentist says I'm grinding my teeth, and must be during sleep. Has recommended a mouth guard. Is there a remedy that might alleviate this problem?

Re:teeth grinding during sleep By: udaya kumar
March 11 2011
Teeth grinding could be a symptom of worms. In that case Cina 30 will correct you. If it is Bruxism, it has some deep cause which need be arrived at(Asafotida, Belladonna may be of value here). It could also be a tense jaw line i.e. TMJ, where Belladonna, Causticum, Spigelia, Podophyllum may help according to other symptoms. Mouth guard is suggested to protect the teeth from getting damaged or breaking. If there is any filling in the teeth, that could be one reason for the tense situation. Strengthen the gums. Remove mercury fillings if any, use Mercurious 30 three doses alongwith Thuja 30. Use Mustard Oil for brushing the gum with the fingers for one week. with best wishes.


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