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Started by: kitten at December 5 2010

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Revenge By: kitten
December 5 2010
Is taking revenge a normal emotion? Is there a point at which it is unhealthy?

If someone takes revenge over small things, is there a likely hood that they will take revenge in the case of more serioius stuff?

Does homeopathy help with this?

Re:Revenge By: garcot
December 6 2010
You know the answer yourself. Go deep into YOUR SELF, you will get an answer.

Ego is the primary cause for revengeful mind, which to some degree right from the childhood we all tend to have. This is where our parents are suppose to teach us social values and moral responsibilities right from our childhood days.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:Revenge By: kitten
December 6 2010
I didn't know what revenge was until I went to church about 2 years ago. So I'm trying to understand it.

Thanks for explaining that a big ego is the source of the problem.

Re:Revenge By: shuddha
December 6 2010
Basically human life is fear driver. Anger, revenge, hatred etc.. all have their childhood from fear, which is the parent.

I do not need you to think philosophically or religiously. Just think what is your composition ! Being an intelligent person, I am sure you would not say that you are just a body. If your body is fed well, that would not suffice. You need more than that. You need respect from others. This can go on and on, until you come to a conclusion that you are not simply the body, or mind or even intelligence or more. It has been thought over by great thinkers and they came to the conclusion that human is the purified consciousness, which is universal, though shines through you. It is like the air being everywhere when it is also inside a pot. There is only one air, though we differentiate as 'that air inside this pot' 'inside that pot' 'another pot' etc.

The essence of this consciousness is knowledge. It is the one which makes every creature know or feel or suffer or enjoy. But by itself the knowledge has no affinity for good or bad etc.. It just knows, but what interprets it as good and bad is our nature.

So revenge or enmity or jealousy etc.. are more against one's own self than the other. These slowly corrode our happiness and make our life miserable. The more we are away from it, the better would be our future and present.

I have just outlined the topic and not gone deep into it. It is undoubtedly a very big subject, which each human being should know to lead a happy life.


Re:Revenge By: udaya kumar
December 6 2010

How does the Church teach you revenge?
Anyway, if the feeling of revenge is due to suppressed anger, guilt, insults, sexual harassments, sexually motivated and similar arising out of the insults and humiliations caused to the mind more than the body, the medicine should be Staphisagria 10M single dose.

If the revenge is in the form of bulding up the mind to kill someone always and thoughts of killing someone for revenge is the fundamental thought, these thoughts can be removed by a few doses of Platina 30, 200 or 1M according to the severity of the mind disposition. Such people will lie flat on the back and will keep their legs wide apart while lying down or sleeping.
Platina individual will have an inflated ego, arrogance, hautiness, pride, conceited as Prof. Vihtoulkas had rightly pointed out in his link below:

Then there is this sudden spurt of anger and tantrums for those who are alcoholic and leads sedentary life style with lack of morals to support the actions, where Nux Vomica 30 would be helpful with Arsenic Album 30 in minimum doses.

Alumina has the impulse to kill at the sight of a gun or knife. Alumina has constipation. The mind behaviour then could be associated with the gastric disturbances from constipation in the ethereal phase of human constitution.

Desire for revenge of kill a person who contradicts is in Mercurious Vivus.

Jealousy can bring on revenge mentality and Lachesis would be prime medicines in 200C potency or above. Suspicion, doubt and jealousy are basic to Lachesis patient.

Ill effects of jealousy leading to murder is found in Hyoscyamus.

Anger is many times confused with revenge, they are not.

For e.g. Hepar Sulph anger would have no hesitation to kill a man who offended him.The prakrita is Pitha.

A suicidal mind is revengeful. Aurum Met for e.g. The least contradiction excites his wrath and broods, depresses and tends to go extremes in thoughts. Constitutionally a non assimilation or imbalance of Gold should be anticipated in such person. Correction with Aurum 1M single dose usually corrects.

Cocculus indicus has the tendency to be passimistic and look at the bad parts only and be angry and revengeful.

Helonias is Irritable, fault finding, cannot endure least contradiction or receive any suggestions relating to any subject, tends to go overboard and be revengeful.

Belladonna has inclination to be angry and give offence, fury and rage, with desire to spit, to bite and tear everything.
more destructive than revengeful.

Cuprum has attacks of rage, with tendency to bite the bystanders.

Moscus has exceedingly quarrelsom, anger, raving and scolding.

Solanum is quarrelsome, irritable mood, bad temper. breaks everything bites ones own hand.

Tarentula can strike oncself and others and be violent.

In Love and Sexual Life,Nymphomanic can turn revengeful.when jealousy is also present.
Cantharis, Hyosyamus, Murex, Oreganum, Phosphorus, Platinum, Robina, Stramonium, Tarentula Hisp. can be beneficial here.

Chamomilla child can be revengeful from its obstinacy.

Revenge when the sense of right and wrong are abolished, when the mind is of cheating and lying, He is capable of doing anything wrong - Coca.


Re:Revenge By: kitten
December 6 2010
Wow! So shocked to learn there are so many medicines for revenge.

I was at a class in church and the teacher said not to take revenge. One of the students says he does take revenge so that they don't do it again. I have found that his philosophy does not work.

Udaya, is there a remedy for men/women for when a he/she breaks up with him/her and he/she takes revenge by smearing his/her good name?

And for women when they take revenge to save face? I recently refused to participate in my long time friend's website due to too much fighting, etc and she took revenge by saying nasty things about me to her friends. I have seen how she uses her friends to smear someone's good name.

I have refused to date those I meet in social settings to avoid my good name from being trashed out of revenge or to prevent any form of revenge against me.

Is there a remedy I can give prior to breaking up or prior to terminating a relationship?

Re:Revenge By: kitten
December 7 2010
Thank you, Shuddha, for sharing your beautiful wisdom.

Re:Revenge By: udaya kumar
December 8 2010
I think Ignatia should cover many symptoms if the break up causes sorrow, weaping, suppressed emotions.

Since revenge factor is there whether it arises from grief or hatred or whatever, there is always an element of humiliation and insult in it as well as there is a factor of libido and other sex related inhibitions and therefore one single dose of Staphisagria 1M should be of great value here.

"Nasty things about me to her friends" is a feeling of thinking that oneself is a centre of others attractions. Arising out of doubts, subspicion, jealosy and such other negative vibrations and should be treated with single dose of Lachesis 200.

Refuse to date is a decision of normal mind and does not need medicines just as I have never dated in my life would not make me a sick person needing medicine!!!!

Breaking up or terminating whether relationship or life is a hopeless state and bound to be depressive mind. Aurum Metalicum 1M single dose would be of value here.

With best wishes.


Re:Revenge By: kitten
December 9 2010
Can you please clarify how jealousy plays a role in someone feeling the centre of others attraction?

Re:Revenge By: udaya kumar
December 9 2010
It is not the physical attraction. It is only the feeling that all others are talking about her.
When she steps into somewhere, she will think all are talking about herself or attracted towards her. It may be from inferiority complex, suspicion, doubt, or jealosy to the extent that she is wearing a necklace expensive than mine so she is talking about how cheap my necklace is. If she find someone talking with each other and looking for a second towards her, she will think they are talking about her. That is because of Suspicion and doubt, which are siblings of Jealousy. You can see the picture of such jealousy and feelings in Lachesis.


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