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Dr. Udaya, Knee Pain
Started by: shikharoy at November 7 2010

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Dr. Udaya, Knee Pain By: shikharoy
November 7 2010
Dear Dr. Udaya,

I have been taking your advise for my UC. I also suffer from Cervical spondolysis , backache and knee joint pain.Out of which knee joint pain is more severe.I have been taking RT 1M and Hypericum 200 in wet dose 1 teaspoon of each three times a day as advised by Dr. Khatri on this site and the pain is under control. Now that we will be going out for 7days on a travel tour, it will be difficult to carry the wet dose,I need your advice for the alternative.
Shikha Roy

Re:Dr. Udaya, Knee Pain By: udaya kumar
November 7 2010
You can use dry pellets. But use of 1M for prolonged period of Rhus Tox is adviseable. Carry Bryonia 30 also with you.


Re:Dr. Udaya, Knee Pain By: shikharoy
November 8 2010
Dear Dr.,
Do you mean I should take Rhus Tox 1 M daily? how many globules per dose and how many times a day?

Thanks for quick response.


Re:Dr. Udaya, Knee Pain By: garcot
November 8 2010
Rhus tox 1M daily will be counterproductive. Can be repeated once in 15 days, if symptoms only call for it.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

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