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lycopodium od
Started by: cubhurry1 at November 6 2010

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lycopodium od By: cubhurry1
November 6 2010
son suffers low self esteem but can be bully and annoying. he responded very well to lyc 30c once week. moved to 200c -----but then he began dosing himself and he misunderstood the dosing and, for about a week, he was up to lyc 200c 3x day. he was nuts, he was partying with his new best friend; drinking tons and tons alcohol; befriending everyone; wrestling people; then sleeping for hours and hours.
when I learned, I gave him caust 30c and he immediately responded by calming. and returning to himself; much less crazy. its been a week with no homeopathic but he says no erections + sore feet + sore ribs....he still craves company + still is delusional about himself + still wants to be important; however he is much calmer and more sensitive and responsive; he has befriended a dominating and slightly cruel friend and craves his approval; he likes salt; dislikes milk; he has alternating constipation and sore stomach after eating; he is sensitive and caring but usually selfish and careless so that people around him are usually frustrated by him and reprimand or criticize him. he the hates the person who critisizes

Re:lycopodium od By: garcot
November 7 2010
The reason: Lycopodium has been repeated too often. causticum again shouldn't be repeated often or taken for long periods.

Hating someone who critisizes me is very normal behaviour.

Give him a single dose of NUX 200c and observe the results and decide the future course of treatment.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

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