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Cell Salts & Type II
Started by: 2w175 at November 3 2010

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Cell Salts & Type II By: 2w175
November 3 2010
I've been a Type II Diabetic since 1994. Over the past three weeks, I've been taking Hyland's Bioplasma and the results have been remarkable!

I have renewed energy and a sense of well being that I have not had in years.

I am taking 4 tables 3 times a day and have been able to get off the prescription drugs Xanax and Prozac!

Whenever I take a dose of the Bioplasma, the physiological effects are very similar to Xanax and usually lasts for about 3 hours!

My question, is this normal? Additionally, should I try try taking individual cell salts rather than the Bioplasma formula and if so which ones? And finally, can I continue to take cell salts for an indefinite period of time?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Re:Cell Salts & Type II By: garcot
November 3 2010
Heartening to know that you are doing well with Bio-plasma cell-salts.

You can take them as long as you want, since it continues to help you.

Typically, these cellsalts are taken to bring the body back to equilibrium that enables the body to function normally. You can continue to take them for another 3 weeks and try to reduce the dosages and observe the effects.

Most important is to eat normal and healthy food, that continues to rejenuvate you body and mind.

We can think of individualised cell-salts after another 3 weeks based the prominent disturbing symptoms that may persist ( mostly there would be none ).

Taking bio-plasma formula for ever, shouldn't hurt you in anyway, though I believe, it may become redunt after a while.

Best wishes

"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

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