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pain 2am - vata time
Started by: osteo at October 13 2010

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pain 2am - vata time By: osteo
October 13 2010
pls. suggest something for lower back pain which suddenly starts around 2 am..

I had read one post which had some inputs regarding the pain around 2am.. there was something mentioned as vata period, the food does not get digested or there is movement of food which generates gas etc..{I don't remember the exact words} in it.. but I am unable to find it.

pls. guide


Re:pain 2am - vata time By: garcot
October 14 2010
2 am to 6am is vata time. In TCM 1am to 3am is liver time and 3am to 5am is lung time. The food that went in, if digested properly/improperly would move to the intestine which is where possible gases are generated (if the digestion process was faulty). If one has to go by time modalities alone, Ars.Alb gets indicated and patient is generally anxiety prone. Ars.Alb works on all Organs and has a great affinity of lungs and lower organs.

And for the recommendation remedies for lower back pain Shri. Udaya has in a recent post recommended the most indicated remedies.



"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:pain 2am - vata time By: udaya kumar
October 14 2010
Use Arsenic Album 30 three times a day for one day.


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