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Rashes in foot
Started by: akanshag at October 4 2010

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Rashes in foot By: akanshag
October 4 2010
This is very urgent. Everone along with Dr. Udaya is requested to respond. I am a female of 34 and for last 4-5 days is suffering from some rashes in my left foot. These are very subtle rashes, which are not very apparent but i am suffering from a lot of itching which does not get subsided at all. I consulted a skin specialist who gave me some medicine, but it did not help. This itching is giving me very hard time. I intended to include picture of what these rashes look like for an early response, but could not upload it here.
If required provide in some e-mail id where I may upload picture for reference Please help

Please advise me

Re:Rashes in foot By: udaya kumar
October 5 2010
Use ledum Pal Q on the rashes directly three times a day for one day and report.


Re:Rashes in foot By: garcot
October 6 2010
In my experience:
Ledum Pal Q applied externally and Ledum Pal 30c ( 2 pillules) taken internally ( once at night ) works even better.


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