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Lycopodium or Silicea
Started by: skpatel20 at September 28 2010

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Lycopodium or Silicea By: skpatel20
September 28 2010
Hi All,

I think my child is a Lycopodium but read somewhere that Silicea is quite similar. Would need some clues to distinguish.

Secondly, I recently gave a few doses of Sulpher 200 to my child. How can I now give him Lycopodium without the inimical affects?


Re:Lycopodium or Silicea By: garcot
September 29 2010

Silicea - is chilly
Lyco - Can be chilly or worm

Silicea - Conscientiousness (It includes such elements as self-discipline, carefulness, thoroughness, organization, deliberation (the tendency to think carefully before acting), and need for achievement. It is an aspect of what has traditionally been called character. Conscientious individuals are generally hard working and reliable. When taken to an extreme, they may also be workaholics, perfectionists, and compulsive in their behavior. People who are low on conscientiousness are not necessarily lazy or immoral, but they tend to be more laid back, less goal oriented, and less driven by success) is its trait.

Lyco - It is not.

Lyco don't wakeup really refresh where as Silicea does.

There are many more differences.

You can view this great video on Lycopodium children and adult here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdB5h968sC4

Best wishes

"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:Lycopodium or Silicea By: udaya kumar
September 29 2010
Calcarea Carb may be given after Sulphur and then use Lycopodium.


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