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Started by: Jay 15 at August 31 2010

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Garcot By: Jay 15
August 31 2010
Hi Garcot, I need to send you an email. Please let me know how I can get ahold of you.


Re:Garcot By: garcot
August 31 2010
garcot at in dot com


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:Garcot By: Jay 15
September 4 2010
Garcot, I have just sent you an email.

Re:Garcot By: greifyuxiay@hotmail.com
October 30 2012
Things To Know About Male Yeast Infection Symptoms
Fungal infections or yeast infections are caused by the Candida species of yeast. Meanwhile you should be aware that Candida Albicans is the most common of yeast infections that can be found on humans, in both male and female. In a female it is ordinarily centered in the woman's vagina, thus it is also easily caught, and thankfully ordinarily easily rectified. It is when a male has a yeast infection that it is not as easily taken care of, as you will see.
Part of the problem is of course that Candida yeasts are actually always found in the human body. Problems with Candida only occur when the yeast is allowed to grow unchecked, for then it not only becomes problematic but also can actually threaten the patient's life. With regard to yeast growing unchecked, this usually happens when the patient is immunocompromised somehow. The best example of this might be where the patient has lost his immunity to diseases due to perhaps HIV/AIDS or mononucleosis. Being on a course of antibiotics can also cause male yeast infections, as this too causes an immunocompromised situation as well, as does being in treatment for certain types of cancers.
The symptoms of a male yeast infection can often be said to mirror the female yeast infection symptoms if his infection is located in or around the male penis. In this case the unfortunate male will suffer from possibly finding red patchy sores that may be located near the very head of the penis, but it is also sometimes found on the male's foreskin. The results may well be incredibly severe itching of the penile skin, and at times there is a burning sensation that seems as if it is completely unstoppable according to some patients. Often the rash is an angry red but very lacy rash that has scalloped edges. However not all of the male years infections appears in a possible easy to diagnose rash.
Other symptoms will be inside the male body where the symptoms are much more difficult to detect. Sometimes, for example it may appear much like thrush, which is located in the mouth and is evidenced by white patches in the mouth and tongue that may also appear to be exceedingly red and inflamed. Of course, the patient will not have any desire to eat or drink and will be in a very reticent mood to speak due to the pain involved.

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