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Attn:Dr. GARCOT: 5 month old with acid reflux
Started by: mmor at August 25 2010

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Attn:Dr. GARCOT: 5 month old with acid reflux By: mmor
August 25 2010
My five month old suffers from acid reflux. He's formula fed( special forumla with added rice strach to make it thicker). His symptoms: cranky when seeing a bottle, arching his back while feeding, turning away from the bottle, some cough and hawking(hoarse, as if trying to clear his throught) after feeding. Interestingly, he feeds quite well while asleep.? I bought Nat Phos the other day. Is it safe to give it to five month old? If so, how often? and for how long? Is there a better combination or should it be Nat Phos by itself. Please respond.

Re:Attn:Dr. GARCOT: 5 month old with acid reflux By: garcot
August 29 2010
Sorry mmor. I was cut off from this world for the last 5 days. Nat.Phos in either 3x or 6x potency could be used by the mother feeding the child and not the child directly. ( At least I don't recommend). If some food ( let us say something very bitter, bitter guard?) a mother consumes which the child hates because of the taste, it can refuse vehemently every food that is offered while being awake. because it thinks, everything is going to be bitter. We had this bitter experience with a baby and once we offered a tiny peace of banana and it tasted, it started feeding again well. ( ofcourse the mother learnt a lesson not to take any thing too bitter till she fed).

Did you try gripe water for the baby to improve its digestion?

You can also try crushing 1 single tiny pill of chamomilla 30c on the baby's tongue directly. Don't let your hand touch the remedy. This remedy is harmless and completely calm the child. Alternatively, you can drink chamomile tea and child will get the benefit!


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

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