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Restoring Balance - for Udaya
Started by: Jay 15 at August 8 2010

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Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
August 8 2010
-Traumatic birth
-Immunization issues at 9 months. Stopped communicating and crawling after vaccine.
-shortly after started having febrile seizures when ever he got ill. We found that Belladonna would stop the seizure from happening during infections and viruses. Fever would spike with either infections or simple viruses
-very frequent ear infections. After a while we learned to give him Mercurious Viv and Mercurious.IOD. RU or FL depending on which ear. This helped stop infections.
-within year or more ear infections switched to throat infections (never had another ear problem after this). We gave him many homeo meds to try and help. Sometimes with success sometimes with not.
- also at 9 months old he switched from blended baby food to baby food with chunks of fruit, and vegetables and his appetite went from very healthy to horrible (still horrible to this day). He would gag on chunks and couldn’t swallow.
- began to walk at normal age
- slow to speak – at age 3 could barely put together three words.
- very irritable, cried at everything ,used to bite a lot as a toddler
- normal potty training however almost never peed in his bed as small child

Age 7
-Blond hair, green eyed (eyes changed colour very late from blue to green)
-Size of a 5 year old from lack of eating
-Refuses almost all foods
-Wants only carbs, sandwiches, some nuts
-Hates meat, yet will eat breaded chicken nuggets
-Loves cooked peas and carrots
-Hates new foods (the hate of meat has more to do with it being a new food)
-Makes up his mind that if he doesn’t want to try new food he will refuse and sit there with food in his mouth under protest and cry for hours upon end
-Will not give in, EXTREMELY STUBBORN
-As a young child wanted milk and apple juice only
-Even foods he loves he still wont eat very much, says he is full
-Split personality – on one on one situations he is the most loving child in the world. Will rub your face and tell you how much he loves you and missed you if you were gone. In group situations he tries to be bossy and always ruins a group of kids good time. Causes trouble and disturbs others.
- Wont stay out of their personal space
- In school we have many problems, they say he is A.D.D.
- Wont listen to teacher, talks non stop, tries to be funny
-Cant stop talking if someone is in the room. I can be sleeping on couch and wake up and hes been talking to me for along time.
- Teachers say he doesn’t learn a routine. Kids come in from outside and take coats to cupboard and go to chair. He always has to be told 3 times before he will do it. Even after months of the exact same routine.
- Teachers have separated him in class away from other kids
- Another example – after going the bathroom he cant remember to flush toilet or wash his hands. Has to be reminded constantly.
- Another example - tonight he wants to sleep over at friends but I told him friend is not home. He knows this but keeps asking and asking over and over again, even though he can repeat back that friend is not home.
- We can talk in the morning about having a great day at school and within minutes of being there he reverts to old behaviour.
- But he is an intelligent child, teacher gives him mathwork that is one year above his grade.
- Very bad at printing and reading but that is because he is stubborn and doesn’t want to do it. Give him a sequence to follow on a video game and he will remember it for ever and alarm people with his memory skills.
- So stubborn
- Cries a lot, kid will touch him and he cries very easily. Even though he knows kids wont play with him if he cries, he will do this anyways.
- Very smart on computers
- Very manipulative
- Steals things from school, money from parents
- Kicked out of many babysitters house for being “difficult”
- Never wanted to leave our house as a small kid, but now wants to always go somewhere. Loves sleepovers and visiting.
- Extremely social in one on one situations
- Likes playing with older kids but just this last year, playing well with younger kids
- Adores animals and is so kind and gentle with them. He will stop every stranger he sees and ask to pet the dog. He will ask the adult all about the dog and tell them stories about his dog. These adults quickly adore him because of his gentleness and the way he can talk to adults and his cute little voice.
He is so kind to our dog as well and offers to walk her and play with her often.
- Frequent styes on eyes
- When he gets a cold he has post nasal drip that makes him cough. I cant stop this through many homeo meds (although when he was 4 yrs old Nat Mur 30 worked twice amazingly but never after that).
- Bumpy skin on ams (like his mother)
- Pale complexion
- Slightly herniated bellybutton (used to be much worse)
- Sleeps horribly, will toss and turn all night long until morning. I cant stand to be in same bed with him. I guarantee that if we could settle his sleep he would be a much happier child. Grinded his teeth all night long since being maybe 2 yrs old and it could be heard three bedrooms away. Just six months ago approx he quit grinding his teeth completely at night.
- Used to always come into out bed in middle of night upon waking and approx 6 months ago as well this stopped.
- He is showing the family trait of chronic tics. His shoulder is starting to shrug while playing video games and the odd time if a shirt bugs him he will do this shrugging non stop.
- Full vocabulary but pronunciation is still an issue for him.
- Very high pitched voice

Remedies given recently
Nux Vomica 30 - three doses
Arnica 1M one dose
Aethusa 30 - three doses
Gelsemium 30 - three doses
stopped for two days and am about to start Thuya 30

Any advice on little son would be so much appreciated. Thanks.

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: udaya kumar
August 8 2010
You have been treating him right except for the order of the medicine. Which is now the right order because you are going to give him Thuja.. Give thuja 30 three times a day for three days and then give him Natrum Mur 30 three times for three days. then give him Hahneman's Trio i.e. Sulphur + Calcarea Carb + Lycopodium one dose a week.
In between use Phosphorus, Arsenic album, chamomilla, pulsatilla.upto three doses for three days maximum each.

Thereafter, continue with Phosphorus for a long period and calcarea carb for a shorter period. and lyco 200 once in week.

Now. the herniated naval is what is indicative of Calcarea Carb. It should go down after Calcarea. The mind symptoms of weeping etc is where pulsatilla is required meaning there is a digestion problem.

Very high pitched voice indicates that the ear is not completely ok. Though the ear probelm turning into throat problem is what has saved him from serious troubles. The descending order of ailments is a curative process and he was semi-cured there but the high pitch indicates not cured completely. Aethusa should help here and Natrum Salicylicum if there is any sounds in ear.

Lyco should cover all the speach problems related to memory and jumbling.
Psorinum and Strichninum may also be required if the tics do not stop.

The use of appropriate medicines at the right time reduced the intensity of the ailment in particular your use of mercurious and bell was remarkable if not , the child would have had more seirous symptoms. The only aspect was thuja was not given to antidot the effects of vaccination and therefore slowly but gradually its ill effects were percolating into the system to manifest as in the state it has manifested now. We can still arrest that progress from any further damage by giving Thuja. with best wishes.


Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
August 8 2010
Wonderful, thanks so much for your reply. I will start Thuja today.

For the Hahneman's Trio, I understand from looking at a previous prescription from you that I give Sulpher in morning, Calc Carb at Noon and Lyco at night. Do I give these in a 30c potency or 200?

Can I then give the Phos 30 three doses for three days the day after Hahnemans Trio. Then Arsenic, then back to Hahnemans trio then Chamomilla, then Pulsitilla, then Hahnemans again?

I assume that that you believe there is an air issue with my little son as well? I took them both to a very popular muscle tester here in Canada approx 1 1/2 yrs ago and he said both sons had an oxygen assimilation problem.

Thanks again !!

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: udaya kumar
August 10 2010


Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
August 14 2010
I will start the Hahneman's Trio tomorrow. What potency do I administer it in?

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: udaya kumar
August 14 2010
Enough to give at 30C potency.


Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
August 17 2010
Gave Hahnemans trio today and starting the Phos tomorrow morning. Can you please tell me what the Phos will help my son with?

Thanks so much.

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: garcot
August 17 2010
Hi Jay,

Phosphorous Function:

Phosphorus is a major structural component of bone in the form of a calcium phosphate salt called hydroxyapatite. Phospholipids (e.g., phosphatidylcholine) are major structural components of cell membranes. All energy production and storage are dependent on phosphorylated compounds, such as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and creatine phosphate. Nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), which are responsible for the storage and transmission of genetic information, are long chains of phosphate-containing molecules. A number of enzymes, hormones, and cell-signaling molecules depend on phosphorylation for their activation. Phosphorus also helps to maintain normal acid-base balance (pH) by acting as one of the body's most important buffers. Additionally, the phosphorus-containing molecule 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (2,3-DPG) binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells and affects oxygen delivery to the tissues of the body .

So homeopathic phosphorous can correct many of the above functions if it is disturbed in the human body and more.

You can read more here: http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/infocenter/minerals/phosphorus/

Hope it helps.

Best wishes

"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
August 17 2010
wonderful, thanks.

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: udaya kumar
August 17 2010
Over and above, phosphorus is fundamental medicine for muscle formation. Its contraction and expansion, All twitching have their source in contractions. All stiffness and strengthening has its source is contraction. All loosenss and flabbiness has its source in expansion. The eye muscles are the ones fundamentally involved in the eys symptoms of your son. Phosphorus should work there.


Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
August 17 2010
Udaya, this is not the son with the eye problem. This is my younger son with the behavioural and eating issues.

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: udaya kumar
August 17 2010
In eating issues the Phosphorus works in Liver and assimilation.


Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
August 24 2010
Update. I have given my son Thuya, then Nat Mur, then Hahnemans trio, then Phos, then Arsenicum and going back to Hahnemans trio today.

My wife commented last night about our sons behaviour and how he has been really well behaved the last little while. Yesterday he asked if he could sleep over at a friends house and when we told him no and the reason behind it, he simply asked if maybe we could do it the next night. Normally he would cry and ask again and again even though he already knew the answer. His reasoning skills seem to be improving. Im excited for him. Hoping the Chamomille and Pulsitilla will have positive affects on his mental state as well.

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: udaya kumar
August 24 2010
You can build on it. Nutritious food is all that may require thereafter. because the correction achieved in the mechanism of vital assimilation centres are looking forward to or waiting for proper nutrition now to fill the half glass to full. Here I will call it a deficiency and multivitamins even can supplement here. You know what I mean? I do not usually recommend multivitamins, deficiencies etc.


Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
August 24 2010
Wonderful. My son takes the best vitamin and mineral supplements that I can find. Hopefully now they will assimilate better into his system.

I will keep you posted.

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: udaya kumar
August 24 2010
Yes,. You got it right. Please keep me posted. with best wishes.


Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
August 24 2010
So are you telling me that the supplements weren't doing anything for all these years or rather that they were less than perfect?

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: udaya kumar
August 25 2010
A kind of. Supplements if they do not assimilate they are as good as garbage. A toxic one. Body do not need supplements if the assimilation mechanism is working perfect. And if the assimilation mechanism is not working perfect then what is the need of supplements? In both ways supplements are not required. Yes it is required where your daily food does not contain what is required or you have sudden loss of blood or other vital fluids etc. due to serious sickness which needs sudden reinstatement or gradual reinstatement but imminently necessary. Or in a case as I think is happening in your son's case where the door to assimilation has just opened and a fast supplementation could quickly regain what is required to regained in the form of good health.

I think so, you can have your opinion.


Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
August 31 2010
if the Pulsitilla will help with digestion, how long should it take to increase his appetite. We just finished day two of Puls 30.

The babysitter watched him all day and for the 9 hours I was away from him he had 4 small pieces of cheese and crackers and one piece of bread. He just doesn't want to eat. For dinner it is a hassle to get him to eat as well.

Overall his behaviour has been really good this past week or two.

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: udaya kumar
August 31 2010
Pulsatilla can be used for any long period. It can only benefit.

To increase the appetite use the following combination of medicine for one week. Within three days benefits will be seen.

1. Alphalfa Q
2. Gentiana Lut !.

5 to 10 drops each in one ounce of water before meals three times daily for three days, report and continue maximum upto one week. with best wishes.


Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
October 18 2010
Udaya, I have yet to give my child the above remedies.

I dont think it is the fact that he doesnt like to eat. Its just that his stomach gets upset whenever he eats and he complains of cramps after eating. When he asks for his favourite foods, he still wont finish much of it as his stomach will start to hurt.

You mentioned earlier Pulsatilla for digestion problem and the 30c potency didn't seem to correct this, so are we able to give a higher potency of this remedy?

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: udaya kumar
October 18 2010
It would not help if 30 did not help. check symptoms of chamomilla or Colocynthis, Mag Mur., Cuprum Arsenicosum, etc.


Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
November 10 2010
I have read all the remedies suggested. Chamomilla stands out as a very strong possibility. Heres what I strongly agree with.

Great sensitivity
great irritability
convulsions (previous febril seizures)
crying, oversensitive
sleep issues (although he can fall asleep easily and it mentions troubles falling asleep).
Mentions a relationship to Opium and funny enough I used to consult with a doctor on Hpathy.com who said his constitution was certainly Opium. She prescribed a 30c potency daily for months.

Took son to meet the Teacher night at school. Her main complaints are his total inability to focus on the task at hand. Also innability to quit talking. Also his writing skills are horrible. We work on this but he cant seem to remember how to print correctly.

She has noticed improvements since last year in that he is no longer mean to other children and gets along great with other children. Likes being the centre of attention.

I have been giving son a vegan brown rice protein supplement twice per day for a few weeks now as he is very small for his age and since he wont eat much I need to give nutrition. So even after 32 grams of protein per day for a 7 year old boy for three weeks he does not even gain a half a pound.
This leads me to believe that worms or parasites are still in his system. We did find worms years ago. Also about the worms, he picks his nose and ingests it and grinds his teeth during sleep and I know these are tell tale signs.

At school the teacher told me he even throws away his favourite foods when shes not looking so not eating anything all day long.
She says he is too busy talking and being silly to take the time to eat.

Other points that I feel are important about son that may help us.

Bumps on skin all over body other than face. He feels like sandpaper when you feel skin.
recurring styes on upper eye lids.(has one right now).

Warts, he has had two on his feet and one on his back. He has a third one on his foot starting now.

Horrible sleeping, rolls constantly, wakes up in night and has to come to parents room or be with someone like his brother. Grinding teeth.

Mentally he cannot focus at all. I tell him to get changed in the morning and he will always forget to put sweater or socks on. He has to be told a million times before he gets things. Although if he was playing a video game you would only have to show him once how to do something.

I hope this info will help us somehow.

Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: udaya kumar
November 11 2010
What was the benefit from Opium? It could be the other way round too. 1. Since Opium is Ether derivative, the mind symptoms would stand prominent when any of the neurotransmitters of the ethereal level of the body is effected. showing an affenity to symptoms of Opium. 2. Since Opium has been taken for a longer period, the drowsiness might have set in. In that case, Belladonna, Ipec or Nux Vomica should be corrective with single or upto three doses. Since Opium is a strong drug, the possibilites of its proving even in homeopathic doses on very prolonged use is a possibility.

Chamomilla has a soothing effect on nerves and abdomen. More than the worms, ascariasis etc. the chances of infection by microorganisms like blastocystis hominis, h.pylori, e-coli etc. are quite high. A test for in particular blastocystis hominis would be worthwhile., Aloes, Podophyllum, Sulphur, Cina, Chelone Q., Cuprum Oxy.
Santonium, Teucrium Mar are useful medicines. Use of Garlics is encouraged.

Bumps on the skin and other problems including styes, there is a medicine called LAPPA (Greater Burdock or Lappa Atropia)

You may try that in homeopathic doses and perhaps this one medicine should correct many problems as it is an excellent blood purifier and detox. Thuja and Natrum Mur also need to continue. with best wishes. For memory as well as other problems concerning medullah Aethusa 30, (no interest in remembering things). baryta carb (absent mindedness)Lycopodium (averse to do mental work, Lyco works right in the brain and in acetylcholine. Merc. sol considering any mercury toxins in the body. with best wishes.


Re:Restoring Balance - for Udaya By: Jay 15
November 11 2010
Thanks for all the info. I will process this and get back to you with any questions. We dont remember any changes from the Opium. When he took this he was much angrier than he is today. Age has calmed him down somewhat.

A few posts ago you mentioned
1. Alphalfa Q
2. Gentiana Lut !.
to increas his appetite and I would like to try this.
What potency is the Gentiana Lut to be given?

Also should I order the LAPPA in 30c potency?
Thanks Udaya!

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