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Started by: sanjay5 at August 8 2010

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Chelidonium By: sanjay5
August 8 2010
I took Chelidonium 30c to get rid of yellow coating on tongue and gastric disturbance which I believe is due to liver function for a week. Tongue coating has reduced considerably and digestion has improved - how long can I continue or do I need to increase / decrease dosage / potency? My current dosage was 3 times a day (wet dose).

Re:Chelidonium By: garcot
August 9 2010
Individualised dosing is the key in homeopathy to healing. We may use the right remedy, but bad and imappropriate dosing will either delay the cure or cause unnecessary aggravations and accessary symptoms, leading us towards wrong remedies.

Know your comfort zone, and if the remedy has brought you back home ( comfort zone), stop dosing. Nature will let you know, whether you need further repetitions in future or not.

Chelidonium 6c or 3c or Q may be used for very long periods as it would work more like tonic to the liver. At 30c it is well potentised and needs more controlling of doses and repetitions.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:Chelidonium By: sanjay5
August 12 2010
Thanks for the response!

I will monitor when to repeat using my intuition.

On another note - I have noticed that Carbo Veg 30C gets rid of gas (in my case increased VATA) whenever I take it. Is there any way that I can reduce / eliminate it permanently? I do follow a vata pacifying diet whenever I can.

Re:Chelidonium By: garcot
August 12 2010
Please do kapalabati excercise for 30sec every once in 2 hours that is about 5 minutes totally for the day. It is so easy, we can do it even while at work at home or office.

It is THE sure way to be avoid ulcers too.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

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