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Aconite and Sulphur action
Started by: momoftwins at March 19 2010

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Aconite and Sulphur action By: momoftwins
March 19 2010
I am taking Sulphur 1m, once a month (it's my constitutional remedy) for a chronic problem. But I recently took aconite 200c for a cold. Will aconite antidote the action of sulphur?..and do I need to take the sulphur again after my cold? Thanks.

Re:Aconite and Sulphur action By: garcot
March 20 2010
Though theortically it can, I doubt whether it has. It acts sometimes complementary to Sulphur too. And Sulphur is also compatible with Aconite. What was the gap period between the dose of sulphur 1M and Aconite 200c? If it was more than 10 days, you don't have to worry.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:Aconite and Sulphur action By: user123
March 20 2010
It is somewhat confusing as to how two remedies can complement and antidote each other at the same time.
It should have been provided clearly in respect of which symtoms the remedies would complement and antidote each other.
There are many such remedies like Rhus and Bry etc.

Re:Aconite and Sulphur action By: momoftwins
March 20 2010
Yes, I took it after about 2 weeks.

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