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homeopathy miracle or?
Started by: saj88 at March 14 2010

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homeopathy miracle or? By: saj88
March 14 2010
Just wondering if homeopathy is a miracle then why is it not so famous.But i do believe in it.And why do homeopaths rush to hospital to get treated for major illness instead of trying remedies.My uncle is a homeopath but used allopathic drugs for bp,diabetes and psycological issues.I asked him why and he says homeo drugs he has tried doesnt help with any of his conditions.

Re:homeopathy miracle or? By: user123
March 15 2010
A homeo remedy is a stimulation to vital force. If the remedy is able to stimulate the vital force, the curative process starts.
What course this curative process takes cannot be predicted with accuracy on the various pathology conditions the patient is suffering from.
Therefore people prefer allopathy in such circumstances where not controlling the pathological conditions may result in very serious consequences and even death.
Again allopathy doesn't help in many such conditions ie BP shoots up inspite of taking the medication for high BP.
Similarly diabetes cannot be controlled if there is insulin resistance ie the receptor cells of the body don't work and no insulin is taken from blood.
Again all of us know the success rate of knee surgery, hip surgery, kidney transplantation, ICCU treatment of senior persons.
There is no treatment in allopathy for ITP, low BP and much more.

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