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Herpes,followed by red cheeks, some fever
Started by: Vic at March 9 2010

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Herpes,followed by red cheeks, some fever By: Vic
March 9 2010
Hello Doctors,

My son got herpes last week, on lower lip. It was a "bump", like a huge pimple.
It was gone, but started on upper lip. This one was like huge "bump" , watery , then it started leaking a little, then got flat and almost dry. He scratched it yesterday at school...He got like "red spot" now on the upper lip.
Also, he was coughing a little, dry, mostly around 4 am , sometimes during the day, stuffed nose .
Today - red cheeks in the morning, 98F, and I feel like it will be higher, he is all very warm, saying "I am sick". Stuffed nose and some kind of heavy breathing, like tired or sick person. This motning was cough around 4-6 Am.

Anything I can use to make him feel better? or we need to wait for more symptoms?

Thank you ALL,

Re:Herpes,followed by red cheeks, some fever By: Vic
March 9 2010
Some details : he is taking carcinosin , last time took on Feb 18th, did have Stomach flu around Feb 5th , and cold around Feb 10-14.
Took Gelsenium for cold and Ars Alb for Stomach flu.

I di dnot give him anything for herpes, used Aloe juice from plant on lips, he ate couple pieces of fresh Aloe.

Also, taking vitamin C and fish oil jelly candies.

Re:Herpes,followed by red cheeks, some fever By: Vic
March 9 2010
I found he has a red throat and some pain there (nose/throat connection) I gave Bell 1 dose so far.

Re:Herpes,followed by red cheeks, some fever By: user123
March 10 2010
Please give him three doses of Hepar Sulph 30c at a gap of 4 hours for 2 days. If he shows no improvement please give him Rhus Tox 30c in the same way after 2 days.

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