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NEED HELP.......
Started by: szqq59 at March 7 2010

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NEED HELP....... By: szqq59
March 7 2010
Hi doctors!
this is my new post about my UNCLE and need your suggestion....

Age 34
Weight 116.Kg

Uric Acid High

BP 80/85-120/130 some time high.

Pulse 78.

He is facing Phobia from last 7years after the death of his father.

Fear Sudden Death
Fear Sudden Accident
Fear Taking Bath
Fear Of Any Bad News All The Time.
Fear of any imaginary created scenes/problems(i.e. earthquake)
Headache creat fear of brain hemorrhage.
Chest pain creat fear of Heart Attack.
He Cant see any Horror,Action,Accident scenes on TV also fear of being stuk by those comings towards him.
Fear of future life.
All these fear start/aggravte at sun sets then fine at night.

Diseases of Digestive System

Numbness of hand and feet.

Hunger is Excessive when he is hungry Trimbling of Hand & legs start.

Thirst excessive feeling dry mouth.

Stool Normal.

Hands Sweats.

Nerves Stiffness.

More Saliva produced in mouth when sleeping.

Anxity/Depression cause of colic pain.

Sympathic to other
Feel gulty after showing Angeriness.

Sleep normal restful.

Note: 7 years ago he is very brave person NO FEAR of anything but now he is too much sensitive and lack of courage to face danger, difficulty, opposition fear of everything.

Kindly suggest the remedy.........

Re:NEED HELP....... By: karan123
March 8 2010

friend have you consulted any doctor
or asked your uncle why he thinks so

because 7 years is lot of time and from last seven years what actions has your uncle taken to avoid this fear ...

from your comments it appears that either he has been encountered any major event which has result this shock

i would suggest please speak to him more & more .. it will help

P.S ( dont be preachy just be an aid or shoulder for him to cry or be a good support)

Things will defiantely be better

Have some faith & little hope

Re:NEED HELP....... By: karan123
March 8 2010
If you still need help i would suggest you contact

Dr Jawahar Shah (Md Homeopathy)
He specializes in such cases
He has been practicing Homeopathy for past 30 years

Speciality Clinic
2, Cupid Building,
66-E, Linking Road,
Near Ramkrishna Mission,
Khar (West),
Mumbai 400 052

E-mail : info@specialityclinic.com
Tel : +91 22 2604 0527 / 5713, 2661 4532

Re:NEED HELP....... By: user123
March 8 2010
Dear Karan123

This site is for educational purpose. What kind of education members will have if such suggestions like going to a prescriber are given. You should talk about the case taking methodology, success stories and other things of Dr. Shah so that the purpose of this forum is served well.

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