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Please help with acne
Started by: Annie30 at March 4 2010

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Please help with acne By: Annie30
March 4 2010
I'm 30 years old. I've had oily skin since puberty. I suffer from acne since I was 14. I used to get whiteheads, have blackheads. I get deep cysts with liquid coming out of them if squeezed. Sometimes the skin is all "inflamed" with lots of breakouts. Then a couple days later they star "drying" up and go away. Then cycle repeats. But skin is always oily. I have elavated testosterone levels. Also have blackheads on right breast. In the past I had tried various creams, retin-a, antibiotics. Everything works for a while but then quits working. Sad also get post inflammatory hyperpigmentations. Have gotten facial peels, after which my skin starts breaking out in cysts. Always wear makeup.
I also sometimes get staph skin infections on face and elsewhere.
What can I take to maybe regulate testosterone, and thus lessen oil production?

Re:Please help with acne By: user123
March 5 2010
*Please describe your mental state like you are irritable, calm, worried, depressed, frustrated etc. How are your relations with your close relatives and friends?

*Please describe your other physical symptoms like headache, backache etc.

*You prefer cold environment and open air or do you prefer warm surroundings.

*At what time of day you as an individual feel better and worse like better in the morning and worse at night.

*How is your sleep?

*How is sweat? It is less, more or normal? Where do you sweat more like in armpits, head etc.

*How is your thirst for water, cold drinks and hot drinks?

*Whether the complaints aggravate after movements or while taking rest.

*How is your bowel movement? Constipated, loose or normal. How is the digestion?

*Are you able to satisfy your sexual desires?

Re:Please help with acne By: Annie30
March 5 2010
Thank you!

Other symptoms: stomach cramps at beginning of menses. Tooth decay.
Sweat under armpits more.
Usually prefer cold drinks. Not huge amounts.
Addicted to sweets.
corners of mouth also crack.
prefer nice weather, not too hot or too cold. like hot showers.
Go to bed late. Sleep 8 hrs. If nervous then cannot sleep.
I can be anxious, fearful. Irritable with family. I tend to feel inferior in certain situations, and like acne seems to re-inforce my negative self view.

I've tried constitutional treatments and it didn't help with anything. So I'm wondering maybe something "specific" for acne would help with at least this one problem that totally interferes with my life.

Re:Please help with acne By: user123
March 6 2010
day 1
three doses of Sepia 200c at a gap of 4 hours.

day 2 to day 15
2 pellets each of the following tissue salts thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours
calc fluor 6x
kali sulph 6x
natrum mur 6x

Please report after 15 days.

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