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Started by: M.A. Rana at January 4 2010

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Chorea By: M.A. Rana
January 4 2010
Dear Doctors.
Please study the following case and advise any medicine.
Patient: M - 17
Having Chorea from last 8 years.
Suffering parts: Head, eyes, tounge and hand, eye lids cannot close without help of hands.
Fatigo while standing from sitting position.
Loosing balance in begining of walk.
Relief : In morning after sleep, pressing of eye balls by hand.
Agrivating: after 2-4 hours from awaking from bed and remain whole day.
Thanking you in advance.

This is God who bless Life & health but no one else

Re:Chorea By: user123
January 5 2010
Please try causticum 30c thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours for three days. If there is no relief after 7 days you may try Zincum Met 30c in the same way.

Re:Chorea By: M.A. Rana
February 13 2010
Stramonium 30 produced very good result and patient start walking and doing his jobs after only 2 doses.

This is God who bless Life & health but no one else

Re:Chorea By: udaya kumar
February 13 2010
That is a great achievement Rana. Thanks for the information. Stramonium I must say is one panecea for modern day ailments. with regards.


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