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Happy New Year
Started by: ktsuda at December 31 2009

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Happy New Year By: ktsuda
Sri Lanka
December 31 2009
A very happy new year to everyone in this forum.
Special greetings to Udaya,Garcot.Joe.Girilal and other prescribers who have been very helpful to many
May the good work continue in the coming year and hope many more will benefit


Re:Happy New Year By: udaya kumar
December 31 2009
Thank you Suda, and I heartily reciprocate. with best wishes for happy and healthy new year. with due regards.


Re:Happy New Year By: nbk1103
New York
January 1 2010
Wishing you all a peaceful and prosperous New Year! May your knowledge continue to help us all gain better control of our health. Thank you for your time and efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re:Happy New Year By: alberto
January 1 2010
Happy new year
And thanks to all.
Mr: Udaya Kumar,Garcot,Joe,Girilal,Max Varma And all kind prescribers.
Love .

Re: Happy New Year By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
January 1 2010
May I also join you in wishing all members especially those who actively participate to help those in distress who log their ailments on this Forum, the gift of Good Health which I am convinced that Homeopathy can bestow more safely and more effectively than drugs.

I believe that at my advanced age of 80 years I can pontificate on the benefits that the use of Homeopathic remedies can bestow on those who use them instead of having resort to drugs which can only weaken the immune system thereby exposing the body to more dangerous ailments and diseases which can be fatal. You may like to know that I do not use any drugs whatever. I do however use them on a SOS basis like when I was in surgery in December 2008 for an Inguinal Hernia when I was prescribed an antibiotic for 4 days post surgery.

Exercise is an integral part of life and I would recommend that everyone spends at least half hour daily to exercise in some form to make the body sweat it out. Diet is equally important and I recommend that home cooked meals are far better than fast foods which unfortunately are the order of the day. Fatty foods are best avoided.

I would like to end my short note by advocating the use of Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken just once daily as this will increase the flow of blood in the body thereby helping it to recover better during sleep.
If you would like to read more about my research on Arnica you can do so by typing ARNICA into the search box at the top of this page to read the many articles that I have made on this Miracle Remedy.

I am convinced that I owe my sense of well being without any ache or pain in my body to the use of Arnica for the last 13 years on a nightly basis with a BP of 120/80 and Pulse of <65.

May 2010 bring Peace and Joy and Good Health to all.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka

Re:Happy New Year By: user123
January 1 2010
Keep d Smile,
Leave d tear,
Think of Joy,
Forget d Fear,...
Hold d Laugh,
Leave d Pain,
B Joyous,
Coz its New Year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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