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Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend
Started by: onion at December 28 2009

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Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend By: onion
December 28 2009
Dear Shudda:

I was interested to read in the thread on "Vital Force" your mention that the first two steps of yoga involve morality and that meditation is the last step.

My vital force is very low and I think that a moral failure is partly responsible:

Until several years ago, I used to think that I was quite a moral person. Avoiding sex before marriage was one way I expressed my morality. Finally, a few years ago I lost this pretense to self-righteousness by having sex with a good friend.

At no point did I feel certain I wanted to marry her. But I cannot take this as a "no" because I constantly analyze and second-guess my feelings. We broke up. We got back together. We (or I) have repeated this process of breaking up and getting back together four times now. The last separation was 16 months. We reuinited, as each time before, not deliberately but impulsively.

I am not happy in the relationship,but what of it? I am not happy with my relationships with family, career, or anything else. All has become progressively muddier.

I had thought that, were I able to meditate effectively, I could get some insight into my indecision. But moral failure may prevent meditation working effectively.

Through hatha yoga I have injured myself, even by sitting in lotus position. (Something is wrong with my connective tissue, such that my ligaments are weaker than my muscles, and they tear easily.)

I agonize over my relationship. She is a lovely person and I care about her very much. Being with her is the closest sensation to being "home." And my dissatisfaction could be an expression of wishful thinking along the linesof "the grass is greener on the other side."

My western/allopathic tradition failed me so thoroughly with regard to health and following my heart in career, that now I am tempted to react by responding to my inclinations "homeopathically;" that is, by indulging them. In the extreme, this cannot be right.

Would you be willing to help me to think through this dilemma from the standpoints of yoga and homeopathy as you understand them?

It is so difficult for me to be concise, that I rarely manage to distill the essence of the situation into an initial posting. Will you please try to help me to draw out the relevant facts? Or otherwise point me in a useful direction? Please do.

Re:Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend By: onion
December 28 2009
Maybe the words "think through" are not what I really mean. In any case, somehow to press through and resolve or at least grow. Or even die gracefully... I am tired of being a disappointment to others, whether continually/chronically or repeatedly/acutely.

Re:Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend By: onion
December 28 2009
For reference, I am referring to Shuddha's post of 15 Nov 2006:

Re:Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend By: user123
December 29 2009
Please don't get into the ritualistic definitions of moral and immoral. One should understand the essence of morality. It is a very subjective concept. It is so subjective that nobody else can tell a person whether he is doing something moral or immoral. He himself knows that. Like a person who is having relation with his girlfriend is better than a person having relation with his wife whom he married for the sake of dowry. God is not observing us from outside, he is observing us from within. Others may judge us from our appearance, he knows what we are and we cannot fool him.
This doesn't mean that precepts like non-violence, celibacy, truthfulness are of no use. They are great. But we should start from where we are and should not engage ourselves in spiritualistic competition on the lines of materialistic competition where we are guided by the external marks. Spiritualism means always understanding the superiority of God, recognizing God in all living beings. Whenever we make someone happy, we are worshiping God, that is the essence of our goodness.
There is no need to do difficult postures, start doing Anulom Vilom Pranayam and Kapalbhati Pranayam only as much as you can with ease and gradually go on increasing. Breathing exercises cannot be postponed for the lack of power to observe precepts. Rather we are doing these exercises to gain that power.

Re:Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend By: onion
December 29 2009
I wish my problem were as simple as tripping over ritualistic definitions of marriage. I would gladly continue to ignore them. Actually my problem is more ethical than moral. It's not the one you suppose. I am not thinking "should I cease relations with this woman since we are not married." Rather, we love one another but I feel unable to commit myself to her since that would limit my flexibility in solving various practical problems (in health and career) resulting from years of low prana. Confusion over how to solve these problems saps my strength. As does sex, since my experience confirms the Taoist perspective.

Meanwhile I shall do pranayama. Hopefully my mental power will increase so that I will be less confused. I thank you in advance.

Re:Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend By: user123
December 29 2009
Yes. You should do pranayam. Life is nothing but a perpetual process of decision making. Let us do what we can to the best of our abilities. There are three components of Karma
1. Accumulation (sanchit)
2. Discharge (prarabdha)
3. Fresh Generation (Kriyaman)

Discharge of karmic balance is out of the past accumulation of karma and fresh generation takes place in the course of discharge. So it is a regnerative process and keeps on going.

Re:Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend By: udaya kumar
December 29 2009
Introspection peels, what peels is Onion. In totality I should take it that you are very much introspective. There are few fundamental feelings that manifest as body ailments like Anger suppressed in liver, Stress suppressed in the backbone, the famous sorrow suppressed in heart, the fear in Adrenals and the like. When it comes to morality as explicitly expressed in the words "Avoiding sex before marriage was one way I expressed my morality." it is evident that you have spent a large part of life time in dwelling over the female gender and love and sex aspects of life. If you had said "Avoiding sex before marriage was one way I expressed my sense of healthy life" I would have taken it as a Brahmacharya which is of paramount importance to spiritual life. But it is not to be, your expressions found ventilation in a different way. Keeping that background, one can see a moral build-up, until the time you "lost your pretense". Now "losing the pretense" is a work of reason and brain and intellectual and not of the heart, morality is fundamentally a heart at work. It is infact, not losing the pretense but "removing the pretense". In cases as that, in my view, the FEELING THAT IS PROMINENT TO SURFACE IS NEITHER ANGER, NOR FEAR, NOR SORROW, NOR STRESS. The prominent feeling here which would be more than otherwise to a person who had removed the pretense right before adolescence would be GUILT. Suppression of guilt can be cause for many mind related ailments and therefore related to element water and air in the body. The net result would be seen in the mind, in the bladders, urinary, digestive tracts, emotions, activeness and related fields.

For doing pranayama and yoga, a mind which is tuned in fully towards the yogic practices is fundamentally required to receive any benefit. This would not be possible in a guilt-ridden mind. I would therefore suggest that you take three doses of Staphisagria 1M one single dose each day for three days before start of Yoga or Pranayama. You can take it as together in three days period, or one dose a week or one dose a fortnight according to your choice. good wishes.


Re:Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend By: onion
December 29 2009
Udaya Kumar, thank you; this understanding seems insightful to my particular case and resonates strongly with me. I will seriously consider Staphisagria 1M as you suggest.

I can relate an anecdote about yoga from an improper mindset: When I regularly practiced hatha yoga, I was in a class. I regularly ogled the women in the class. I justified this by thinking that this motivated me to attend. Perhaps self-loathing induced my body to attack the ligaments in my right knee.

I will first attempt to assure myself that Staphisagria is compatible with my overall case (see post "Onion's case"); however, as I read this forum, seeing the success of Joepathy, etc., I am becoming even less perfectionistic (even for a sequentialist onion) about waiting to begin my treatment with any alleged perfect total one-remedy simillimum.

When targeting the mind with high potencies, my chief concern is to assure myself that it will not cause acute aggravations in any of my organs -- since gall bladder, kidneys, liver, and heart all have been symptomatic within the last month. (Maybe GUILT leads to autoimmunity, perhaps even lupus.)

Re:Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend By: shuddha
December 29 2009
Dear Onion,

I second Udaya's suggestion. I was busy in organising a spiritual meeting for five days and the fair was over yesterday. That is why I could not see your posting.

Yes. Pranayam should not be done under bad physical or mental conditions. The word 'pranayam' itself, I think, is being used wrongly. KapalaBhati is not a pranayam, it is a breathing exercise. First of all, please note that you should be able to measure your inhalation and exhalation timings. It is possible only when you coincide breathing with some word which we usually call as 'mantra'. But Mantra is not just this. But my present interest is to emphasise the importance of repeating a word, which has a great importance and respect in your mind. With every word there is a meaning and order of importance attached to it, in your mind and deeper mind, which we call as 'Chitta' or approximately psyche. When you repeat a mantra many thousand times, consciously, the effect is that you get the control of the mind and calmness of the mind, spontaneously. This is the secret found out by Great Saints who deviced Yoga.

So my first suggestion to you would be, take Staph 1M as per Udaya's suggestion with all homeopathy restrictions. Then, sit calmly either in the morning by sunrise or evening sunset, in a place, preferably open space with beatiful trees etc.. This would hasten the process, though not compulsory. Try to sit with head and back straight. At that time, see that your stomach is not loaded either with food or drinks. Forget about your self-assessments for a while. Forget about everything else other than this word, which you would repeat.

The word: I suggest 'AUM' spelt as 'OM'. This has no religion or caste. This a common word. In Hinduism, this is the Almighty absolute. This is full of grace, bliss, knowledge. Fill your mind at least for a second these thoughts. Then repeat this word, MENTALLY, at least two thousand times. Do not be in a hurry to finish and get back to your work. This time is for your redemption of lost vital mental strength. If you spend this time properly, YES, you would very soon come back with a strong vital and mind..

If you are a strongly riligious minded person with objection to this word, you can take it as Jesus or Allah. Effect is the same, as long as you attach the above said attributes to your chosen word.

This should relieve you from your present problem in about 10 days. Get back to me with your report of progress, then I shall let you know permanent solution to your problem.

With best wishes,

Re:Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend By: onion
December 29 2009
Thank you, Shuddha. I will do as you have suggested and get back to you in about 10 days.

Re:Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend By: onion
December 29 2009
Staphysagria matches my case well: it doesn't have any symptom that I don't already have. Thus I will order the 1M now.

I am very hopeful that with your help I will be healed. If I cannot be healed with advice from this forum... I have very little hope in other options.

But if I am healed, my hope is to become a healer and/or an innovator of healing technologies. I hope that I will be able to repay or "pay forward" the kindness received.

Re:Shuddha: Vital force, moral yoga, girlfriend By: udaya kumar
December 30 2009
Wish you well Onion. God bless you.


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