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Started by: M.A. Rana at December 20 2009

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Toothache By: M.A. Rana
December 20 2009
Patient: 35 M

Having toothach at the end of left side row (last and then 2nd last) and sensitive to cold, hot and sweet. Problems aggrivate during eating. some time pain is coming with gaps of 2-3 hours. Please advise any remedy. Thanks

This is God who bless Life & health but no one else

Re:Toothache By: user123
December 20 2009
day 1
please take Staphysagria 30c thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours.

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 4 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 3-4 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

day 2 to day 15
please take 2 pellets each of the following tissue salts thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours.
calcarea phosphorica 6x
silicea 6x
calcarea fluorica 6x

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