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tooth pain, decayed tooth
Started by: shuddha at November 18 2009

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tooth pain, decayed tooth By: shuddha
November 18 2009
Respected Udaya,

My daughter, 20 years old, studying 3rd year BE, has been having tooth pain off and on. It becomes intense during her semester examinations, or stressed times.

I tried acconite, Acid Flour, chamomila, silica .. The pain is so intense that I need to resort to troublesome drugs like diclofin etc.. along with anti-biotics. Dentist says that RCC is compulsory and their prescription of metrindazole troubles her a lot, along with NSAID drugs.

Can you think of any remedy?

Re:tooth pain, decayed tooth By: udaya kumar
November 18 2009
Dear Shuddha,

The tooth ache has to be correlated.
Cause need be looked into. Modalities have to be watched. Thermal factor is very important. Radiating pain has to be correctly watched for nerves involved.

1. Pain worse with hot or cold things. Teeth is black. connected with gluten/lactose intolerance - Staphisagria.

2. With anxiety/fear facial neuraliga from decayed teeth with cavity. Use cottn swab and keep Aconitum Nap Q inside the cavity. Pain will recede within 10 minutes.

3. Infection is certain in root canal. Pain throbbing and radiates upwards towards head, temples and ears. Belladonna 30.

4. After taking warm water in mouth. Not relieved by cold things also. Decayed teeth, pain is maddening. ear is affected. Chamomilla 30.

5,. Better by holding icewater in the mouth. Not able to sleep due to mental activity. Hotflashes. Dysmenorrhea, menses too early and longlasting. Large clots of black blood with Itching. COFFEA CRUDA.

6. Inflamed Gums, loose teeth, Pulsating pain in inflamed gums, Pain in hollow of teeth. Bad odour from mouth, Pyorrhea. Teeth with fillings (mercury). Tendency to open wounds or ulcers. Excess saliva in mouth. Drooling. Crown ofteeth decay. Tooth feels as longer and cannot close the mouth as it is painful when upper jaw touches thelower jaw. Great thirst. MERCURIUS Sol.
Take Mercurious after one or two doses of Thuja 30 or 1M for better results.

7. SPIGELIA ; A VERY IMPORTANT REMEDY. Left sided. Root canal infected. Fifth cranial nerve invlved. Tearing pain in carious teeth extendng to the malar bone of the extended side. Possble numbeness under the lips and affected part (causticum also helpful here particularly when the pain is on right side of the face ). Spigelia patients usually will have left sided headache. There blood flow towards the head is usually scanty. Pressure could be low when nervous or stress leading to headaches. Congestion headaches. Migraines. (all left sided). Palpitation could be there. Tooth ache mostly connected with blood flow and have bearing on heart. Low pulse rate with left sided headaches are strongly indicative of spigelia. Zygoma is affected.

8. Plantago Maor 2X : Great medicine for tooth ache. Use internally andexternally. Usually toothache is relieved within 10 to 15 minutes. It can be inserted in cotton swabs in the cavity. Helpful when there is swelling on cheeks. Teeth is sensitive and sore to touch. Like Mercury teeth feels too long. Ear ache will be there like Chamomilla. Earache (Otalgia) with tooth ache. Profuse flow of saliva like Mercurious. TOOTH ACHE BETTER WHILE EATING. Tooth ache with reflex neuralgia ofeye lids.

9. PHOSPHORUS; 30, 200 -Worse dipping hands contained by cold water; washer woman's toothache. USE IT IN SPLIT DOSES.

10. MAGNESIUM PHOS 6X : Tooth ache better by hot application or hot drinks. Ulceration of gums. Swelling of glands of face, throat, neck and tongue.


12. Rapid decay of teeth, spongy bleeding gums, teeth dark and crumbling. Putrid odour. Female symptms should also be taken into consideration. KREOSOTUM.

13. HEKLA LAVA 3X : Tooth ache in carious teeth or due t abscess of the gum wit swelling.

14. Antim Crudem : Tooth ache in hollow of the teeth with white coated tongue.

15. Tooth ache relieved by holding warm water in the mouth or by pressing the teeth together. Bitter taste in mouth. Yellow stools. China.

16. Worse right side, touch and warmth. Pain in bones of Jaw. and temples. CHRYSANTEMUM 12x.

17. sILICEA : tooth ache worse hot or cold things. Cracking sound in ear on closing of jaw.

`18. Pulsatilla : Swelling right under the earlobes. with or without pain. closing and opening of the jaws difficult. with tooth pain.

Here in this case I think, Bell, Kreo, Hekla Lava, Spigelia, Mercurious, Plantago are the ones which is to be studied more. with best wishes.


Re:tooth pain, decayed tooth By: user123
November 20 2009
One can also try my suggestion made at the followng thread, if there is no relief


Tissue salts work very well in toothache.

Re:tooth pain, decayed tooth By: HomeoEnthusiast
November 20 2009
Dear Shuddha,
You could also look into Bach Flower Remedies. does she cry out loud when she has this pain? If yes, then give Cherry Plum. (I have had several experiences with this remedy - whenever I had pains that made me scream and yell - a single dose of Cherry Plum worked like a charm.)

As udaya has rightly pointed out (along with a scholarly presentation of the various remedies), you need to take a look at the modalities - the causes etc. when is it worse? when is it better? the thermals? and the girl's temperament / mood during such painful attacks. this last factor alone can help decide the Bach Flower remedy and give speedy relief. (how does your daughter react to the pain?)

Bach Flower remedies can be especially helpful since you mention that the problem appears when she is under stress.


Re:tooth pain, decayed tooth By: shuddha
November 20 2009
Thanks to user123, rams and my dear Udaya.

Sileca 6c worked for her. She is out of the pain problem. She does not cry out in pain. As I could see, and then buy remedies, it took more time and in the meanwhile I gave cephelaxin and diclogesic and she could write her examinations well. The problem is not getting pass marks, she wants to retain her No 1 position. In life number 1 position and number 'n' position are highly reversible and usually misread. We cannot make children understand !! (Though I am not sure how much I have understood and put to practice!!!)

Monday RCC is scheduled with a local dentist. I think arnica 6c, given in advance would reduce the pain during rcc.
Thanks once again to all!

Re:tooth pain, decayed tooth By: shevontaxu@hotmail.com
May 27 2012
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