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son - dry cough
Started by: neeraj_vij at November 18 2009

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son - dry cough By: neeraj_vij
November 18 2009
again my son is down with dry cough by drinking cold colas. Sad

again cough is very severe and he vomited in the morning while cough severly.

again the cough increases as soon as he lies down for sleeping.

I have give 2 doses of bryonia 30. one in night and one in morning.. but there is no improvement this time with bryonia.

kindly suggest.

Re:son - dry cough By: Dr R.K.Khatri
Mumbai, India
November 18 2009
Dear Niraj,

Please take out one teaspoon ginger juice and mix 1 teaspoon Honey plus little pinch of Black
piper powder { Kali mirch powder} 3 times a day. This is my proven formula for cough .

Try at least once


Dr R.K.Khatri

Dr In Naturopathy

Re:son - dry cough By: user123
November 18 2009
A good suggestion from Dr. Khatri. As the dry cough is caused due to taking cold drinks, 3 doses of hepar sulph 30c at a gap of 4 hours may also be taken. There is no need to take more doses.

Re:son - dry cough By: HomeoEnthusiast
November 18 2009
From what you have mentioned, Bry does not seem to be the remedy. Bry is aggravated even from the slightest movement (in some cases, even the process of inspiration of air is enough for things to agg). Bry patient will like to be perfectly still and may drink large quantities of liquids at long intervals (or be thirstless).

How is his thirst? how much water / liquids does he drink, and how many times? what does he prefer to drink?

also, does any particular thing relieve his cough? does he feel better sitting ? bending forward or backward? how is his general temperament? is he better in open air, or in a closed warm room? if you watch him and report some more symptoms, someone could suggest a remedy.


Re:son - dry cough By: garcot
November 18 2009
If you are in delhi and if the winter has started with dryness, either kalibich or hepar should be the close choices and occational indication of Ars.alb.( wants everything warm/hot).


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:son - dry cough By: udaya kumar
November 18 2009
Use three doses of Croton Tig 30 followed by single dose of Spongia 30 and let me know the results. with best wishes.


Re:son - dry cough By: neeraj_vij
November 21 2009
thanks to all of you. sorry... i could not access the internet..

I gave nothing to him after giving 2 doses of bryonia as informed earlier..till the evening he was coughinh very badly.. but in around 8 pm cough started decreasing automaticaly and he slept also very well with very less coughing. and the next day it was almost zero. I was very surprise.

i learned one thing that few medicines take time to show any effect.. one should wait for a day or two if possisble. In our case it was just a chance that I could not connect to internet Smile

thanks again to all of you.


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