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Remedies for concentration
Started by: Hello at November 11 2009

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Remedies for concentration By: Hello
November 11 2009
I'm a college student and have trouble focusing. I have a lot to read and remember but cannot pay attention long enough to obtain much information. I also suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. Is there anything to help me focus better and get work done?

Re:Remedies for concentration By: user123
November 11 2009
Please copy the Questionnaire from the following thread
and post all the questions here duly answered. On that basis your remedy may be worked out.

If you don't want to give any information you may take 4 pellets of tissue salt Kali Phos 6x thrice a day for one month.

Re:Remedies for concentration By: HomeoEnthusiast
November 11 2009
what exactly happens when you start to read? please mention your actual feelings - and not names of diseases.

The prescribers can arrive at correct remedies faster if you mention your exact feelings.

The Bach Flower Remedy "Clematis" can be of help if you end up daydreaming while trying to read your books. Chestnut Bud is generally prescribed to accelerate learning. (you find some excuse to not read your books and leave them.) White Chestnut if some repetitive thought pattern keeps disturbing your reading.... Gentian if you give up too soon while trying to understand something..... and so on.

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