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Started by: lajaw at July 28 2009

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surgery By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
July 28 2009
My wife is going in for a partial thyroidectomy. She has a cold nodule on the right side. What should be given prior to the surgery, and after? Anything that will help lessen the scarring of the incision?

After the surgery, anything that might help the thyroid material that is left to produce sufficient levels of thyroid hormone?

Re: surgery By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
July 29 2009
I have used Arnica twice before each of my 2 surgeries and recovered very quickly from them both to the amazement of the nursing staff and the surgeon. The first was in 2002 for a Prostatectomy and the second was an Inguinal Hernia in December 2008.

I use and recommend that Arnica 30c in the Wet dose be used by anyone over 40 years of age on a once nightly basis. Please read the many posts on this subject on this forum by typing Arnica into the search window at the top of this page. Your wife can start on this Wet dose immediately to condition her blood in time for the surgery. She can take a teaspoonful of Arnica twice daily.

On the morning of surgery I took 2 pellets Arnica 30c sublingually (under the tongue) after my cup of tea. I took 2 pellets just before I was wheeled to the theater and when I recovered from surgery I took 2 pellets every 3 hours thereafter. I refused all pain medication which was not necessary as the Arnica was far superior to the Morphine that was on the IV line for my first surgery. The pain medication for my second surgery was Diclonofenac Sodium 50mg 3 time daily and I surprised them all by using only the Arnica which was obviously far more effective as I was out of bed within about 3 hours after my second surgery and was able to walk down to my car the day after.

I only felt a twinge of pain when I coughed but I did not suffer from any pain otherwise.

Arnica will help the tissue to re-grow quickly and Udaya Kumar will be better able to give you advice on helping with your wife's TSH levels.

My prayers for a safe surgery.

Re:surgery By: udaya kumar
July 29 2009
I am certain you might have had Synthroid and Thyroidinum by now. Arnica is very good before and after the surgery. But, the question is whether you can avoid the surgery or not. Here the following medicine should help in aborting the surgery.

1. one Single dose of Iodium 1M.(one to three globules)
2. Next day Phosphorus 30 one dose followed by three doses of Belladonna.

3. Followed by Lycopus Virginicaus Q three doses 5 drops in water three times a day for three days.

4. Spongia Toasta 30C three doses three times a day for one day.

5. Natrum Mur 1M one single dose.

I presume you are hyperthyroid with exophthalmic symptoms.

In case I need be more specific please specify your symptoms here. Anyhow, Phosphorus and Belladonna will be required to stop the leakage of toxicity into the body day in and out from the nodule. Lycopus virginicus may abort the operation. and Iodium short correct the Iodine imbalance which is cause to all the malady. with best wishes.


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