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thyroid cold node
Started by: lajaw at March 20 2009

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thyroid cold node By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
March 20 2009
My wife has an enlarged cold nodule on her thyroid. It was tested and found to be benign. Now the doctor is pushing her to have it surgically removed. We would rather not. Her thyroid levels are normal. For several years she was on Synthroid, but after taking thyroidinum CM twice, her levels returned to normal.
Is there anything homeopathically that can be used to "shrink" the cold nodule?
Surgery will have to be a last effort. Thank you all.

Re:thyroid cold node By: udaya kumar
April 7 2009
Since the testings have concluded it is benign we may proceed with the symptoms. I presume she is thin lady with hurried manners. Is there any exophthalmic protrusion in the eyes? Has she ever been treated for acne? Any radiation background?

A lot of questions need asked before we proceed. because the medicine vary from Calcarea fluor, Cannabis sativa., Eucalyptus,Hekla Lava, Iodium (most specific in higher potency of 1M one globule in two weeks), Mercurious Sol, Tuberculinum, Sulphur,Belladonna, Spongia, Scrophularia Nodosa Q., Aethusa, Stannum Met.

It would be helpful if her specific symptoms are either given by clicking the "patients whole picture"
above or by reading the symptoms of all the medicines and shortlisting them. All cases of exophthalmic goitre responds well with single doses of Iodium and there is less reason why the benign cold nodule should not respond.

Lymphatic vessels of the area very well responds to calcarea Fluor and therefore removal of the toxins from the lymphatic glands of the area will be made easier by this drug if not it itsef become cause for cure. We need to arrive at the single or one or two medicines which are specific apart from Iodine, Calcarea Flour and Belladonna and thereafter use medicines like Ginseng to boost the immune system as a whole.


Re:thyroid cold node By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
April 8 2009
40 years old, female, Southern USA.

Nodule on thyroid, determined to be "cold", i.e. doesn't absorb testing iodine. Has had this for about three years I believe.

began taking Iodoral as an iodine supplement about 5 days ago.

Lump on right side of throat that moves up and down as she swallows. Determined to be the thyroid. Is not cancerous, but is "cold" nodule.

Diagnosed with hypothyroidism 12 years ago. Was on synthroid until 3 years ago. Developed this lump on throat and was administered thyroidium and thyroid began making normal levels of thyroid hormones.

Mother and father have high blood pressure. Both grandmothers died from strokes.

Registered nurse working in an Emergency Room. Is exposed to X-ray often from holding patients while they are being x-rayed. works 12 hour nights, 7 days straight with 7 off.

Likes to eat, likes about everything.

Sometimes is short with the children, and will hold her feelings inward. Seems to need praise or bragged on.

Anything else that might need answering, please ask. I'll go through the remedies and do some reading.


Re:thyroid cold node By: udaya kumar
April 8 2009
Taking iodine in material doses will not help as Iodine is not being absorbed by the body. Supplementation therefore only goes waste with no improvement int he condition. Start with 1M one single dose one to three globules in 15 days. Within three doses normally the lumb is reduced and complexion also increases.

We also need to work on the X ray exposure part antidoting its ill effects. I shall revert.


Re:thyroid cold node By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
April 8 2009
What remedy are you referring to using 1M single dose?

Re:thyroid cold node By: udaya kumar
April 8 2009
Iodium 1M as already mentioned in my first reply also. Iodium 1M corrects the mechanism of absoption in that homeopathic doses and thereafter the body will absorb the required amount of Iodium from the food itself and thus the process of formation of nodes would be reversed.


Re:thyroid cold node By: udaya kumar
April 8 2009
The three medicines that can be of value in exposure to Xray are :
i. Acidum Fluor : Acidum fluor is also indicative for Goitre.

ii. Cadmium iodide: Peculiar symptom is itching in the anus and rectum in the day time only.

iii. Silicea : Here an interesting aspect has to be noted: Its throat symptom is very specific for "Hard, Cold Cervical Glands" Cervical Glands are basically Lymph glands. The possibilities of tuberculous bascilli concealed inside the hard glands are there. In such cases, Silicea should be administered with care starting from 30C or 200C. and lungs should be carefully checked. Here Belladonna, Phosphorus and
Tuberculinum as per symptoms will be useful.

The fourth medicine as per Isopathy would be Radium Bromide for exposure to radiation as well as Xray exposures.

Hope this helps.


Re:thyroid cold node By: finaraff@hotmail.com
April 4 2012
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