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tension headaches
Started by: lajaw at September 19 2008

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tension headaches By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
September 19 2008
I suffer from tension headaches. I realize that the problem has more to do with the muscles in my neck and back and chest than anything else. But is there any remedy that might be helpful in alleviating the pain in the head and neck?
Only other problem I have is I get tingling in my right arm and fingers. The head and neck muscles on the left side will start to hurt and the headaches usually start in the morning. I'll waken at about 2:30 a.m. with a slight headache, get up and take analgesics. But sometimes the pain will worsen and I'll be unable to function in the late morning from the pain. Nothing other than laying down covering my eyes and taking large doses of aspirin/acetaminophen seems to alleviate the pain. In fact, I took 1500mg of acetaminophen this a.m., and I would like to stop that.

Re:tension headaches By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
September 20 2008
Please click on the line entitled "Patients click here to present the whole picture" to enable us to get more information on your multiple problems, to enable us to help you.

I am concerned that you have to depend on so many drugs merely to survive. It is my hope that the many prescribers on this Forum will join me in helping you to stop taking these drugs and return you back to good health.

You may like to know that at age 79 I do not take a single drug today and have not taken any for many years in the past. My BP is <120/80 Pulse <65. Lipid Profile Normal.

Thanks to Homeopathy and the variation "Joepathy" which I use and promote.

Re:tension headaches By: udaya kumar
September 20 2008
Going by the modalities three medicines are indicated :

Head, pain, morning 1a.m. to 10 a.m. -Chin, Elaps
2a.m. Arsenicum., Cimicifuga, Sulphur
3a.m. Agaricus, Bovista, chininium Sulph., natrum mur and Thuja.

Taking 2.a.m, as the beginning and headache reaching the feelable pain at 2.30 a.m. the medicines indicated are Ars. Cimi. & Sulphur. Arsenic and Sulphur are indicative of stomach whereas Cimicifuga is indicative of uterine trouble.

Normally Chionanthus Q taken 5 to 10 drops in one ounce water three times a day as long as required as a tonic breaks the sick headache habits of periodic nature.
Along with this three doses of Arsenic Album in 30 potency \three gobules each dose for one day will correct the problem. Sulphur can be given as an intercurrent remedy. Arsenic could be repeated if found necessary, and if ineed it can be given in higher potency of 200C.

Arnica is another indicative medicine.

If there is vomiting sensation and in particular travelling in vehicles, it should be considered as a cervical problem. In such cases weakness in eyes would also be prominent. Here the medicines which would be of value and curative woould be :

1. Rhus Tox 1 M single dose two globules only.
2. Cocculus indicus 30 three doses a day maximum three days.
3. Bellis Perennis Q 5 drops in water three times a day for three days.
Going by the modality aggravation into sleep, Lachesis etc. are also indicated.

A head ache has all the reasons in the world and therefore has to be holistically treated. I have only mentioned a few possibilities. All symptoms have to be correctly given so that right single medicine can be arrived at.

For left sided head ache (in this case the pulse rate may be low) starting from occiput Spigelia 30 should be used and for right sided headache starting from occiput Sanguinaria 30 would be more suitable.

there are three points on the back of the head, at the joining of the cranium with the beck on the right side as well as the left side. one of these points will be painful when you are having the head ache. slight very slight and continuous or intermittent pressure on these points will instantly relieve the head ache. there are also three points on both the sides of the vertebrae on the back of the neck., slight pressure there also will be benficial. Light massage on the shoulders will be highly rewarding. For spondylosis the acupressure points are on the hands. It is from the sides of the nails on the thumb to the wrist.

with best wishes.


Re:tension headaches By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
September 21 2008
Humid, South Alabama
Tension headaches Since at least 1984
Only analgesics
Pain on left side of head, radiating down through neck to shoulders. Right shoulder aches and fingers on right hand sometimes go numb or tingling. Knots in the muscles of neck and shoulders. Sometimes putting pressure on these knots will help the pain.
Only malady besides headaches are kidney stones. Chiropractor says that I have a disk in my neck that moves in towards throat. I suppose that is one of the instigators of my headaches.
No maladies in my family other than high blood pressure and cholesterol. I did have a brother die from a brain aneurysm at the age of 42. That's why I'm concerned with the headaches not just the pain.
Bachelors degree, farmer, stay at home dad.
Love sweets, but get indigestion from corn sugars and too much sugar. Don't drink coffee, only hot tea. Will eat anything.
I have a short temper, sometime impatient but never in a hurry. I don't mind being in front of small crowds and I tend to get along with everyone. I don't have too many close friends other than my wife, but I work alone.
At times light makes it worse, but lying still with a pillow on my head helps. Any strenuous physical activity makes my head pound to the point of despair.
Not thirsty during headaches. I sometimes will feel slightly nauseous during headaches.

Re: tension headaches By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
September 21 2008
I would like to have more details about your problem. Please answer the following:

List the analgesics you are taking daily with details of dosage and frequency.
It is possible that your Kidney stones and your headaches may be due to your taking analgesics in excess for years. I believe that you have treated the pain but not the cause.

You stated "Love sweets, but get indigestion from corn sugars and too much sugar. Don't drink coffee, only hot tea. Will eat anything." Do you suffer from any gastric problems like Heartburn or other stomach discomfort after meals ? If so how frequently ?

What is your Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar level and weight ? Do you have sufficient exercise daily as a farmer ?

How many hours sleep do you get nightly ?

Re:tension headaches By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
September 21 2008
Joe, thanks for the reply.

I don't take analgesics unless I have a headache. When I do, I take several, say 800 mg of Ibuprofen or 1800 mg aspirin or 1500 or acetaminophen. Not all at the same time mind you. I know this is excessive, but the pain is bad.
I get headaches usually twice a month or so, but lately, it seems I'm carrying one all the time for the last two weeks.
I don't get indigestion after eating unless I've eaten sweets or drink coffee. After quitting coffee, my indigestion has nearly ceased.
Blood pressure is 120/80 and sugar is good.
I probably don't get the exercise I need, but that is because I care for my children every other week. I get usualy7-8 hrs sleep at night.

I sure these headaches are tension headaches.
Please ask if you need more info.

Re: tension headaches By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
September 21 2008
Your remedy is Arnica 30c in the Wet Dose taken 3 times daily for the first week and twice daily thereafter.

Stop the Berberis V till your headaches stabilize.

Post your response in a week or earlier if your headache returns after you start this therapy.

Click on "About Dose" for instructions on making the Wet Dose in the column on the left of this page.

No coffee, preserved meats like sausages, ham, bacon and all canned beverages especially cola.

Keep up your liquid intake.

Re:tension headaches By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
September 21 2008
Thanks Joe. I'll keep you informed.

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