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Knee pain
Started by: lajaw at May 4 2008

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Knee pain By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
May 4 2008
I have hurt my left knee. The pain is on the inside of the knee and there was a small bruise there. The knee feels fine while it is bent, but if I try and straighten it, I get pain. I can walk some, especially if I stiff leg walk. I felt a little soreness in the knee till I did some heavy pushing and lifting. Then the real pain started.
I believe that the ligaments are either torn or inflamed.
What remedies can I take to get rid of the pain and to repair the knee?
Thank you for your consideration.

Re: Knee pain By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
May 5 2008
Arnica 30c in the Wet Dose taken 3 times daily for a week will help your knee to heal.

Please click on the headline "About Dose" in the column on the left of this page for instructions on how to make the Wet Dose.

Rest your knee as far as possible to enable it to heal faster.

Re: Knee pain By: gavinimurthy
May 5 2008
Many times Arnica alone is not sufficient for these problems.

Arnica Rhustox and Calc used in that series cure most of the painful cases which are the result of trauma.

Take each medicine three doses only in 200c potency. Give a gap of one day each before changing the medicine.

Hopefully you will be o.k. by the sixth day.


Re: Knee pain By: udaya kumar
May 5 2008
Since she has used the word ligaments I would recommend Ledum Pal 30 three doses and for bruise Ledum Pal Q direct application.


Re: Knee pain By: M.A. Rana
May 5 2008
Aranic is not good for the hit on bones, it is Calcarea Flour. Symphytum (fracture)

This is God who bless Life & health but no one else

Re: Knee pain By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
May 20 2008

You say Calc.........Calc phos? calc carb?

Which should I get?
And yes, I'm still in pain. Your advice has been dead on before, and I'm going with your advice now.

Re: Knee pain By: gavinimurthy
May 20 2008
It is Calc. Carb.


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