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Knee Pain
Started by: ahmadenagadpida at December 12 2007

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Knee Pain By: ahmadenagadpida
December 12 2007
I am 65 years of age. Twisted my right knee about three months back. XRay and MRI reveal partially torn anterior ligament and worn out cartilege. My knee does not take pressure and walking is painful. I wear a knee cap and take frequent doses of pain killers which provide temp relief.

Please advise homeopathic remedies for repair of ligament and re-construction of worn out cartilege. And for related painful condition.

Re: Knee Pain By: gavinimurthy
December 13 2007
You need a series of remedies . Arnica , Rhustox, Ruta and Symphytum. Procure all of them in 30c potency and come back for further advice.


Re: Knee Pain By: ahmadenagadpida
December 26 2007
My all medicines have arrived. Please instruct.


Re: Knee Pain By: gavinimurthy
December 27 2007
Start with Arnica. Take 4 pellets/ one drop in about 20ml.water as a dose. Twice a day , for three days and report back.


Re: Knee Pain By: ahmadenagadpida
December 29 2007
OK Sir, I have started taking Arnica, I will report in two days. Thanks a lot.

Re: Knee Pain By: ahmadenagadpida
January 4 2008
My pain is significantly less and also the inflammation is significantly lessened. Blueness is also gone. Thanks folks.

Re: Knee Pain By: girilal
New Jersey USA
January 6 2008
I am happy for you.


Re: Knee Pain By: ahmadenagadpida
January 19 2008
hello Murthy now what, should I stop arnica?

Re: Knee Pain By: gavinimurthy
January 20 2008
Are you o.k.? Is thre any discomfort still? Are you still taking Arnica?


Re: Knee Pain By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
April 30 2008
I too have pain in my left knee. It was paining me a little till I had to do some heavy pushing and lifting, and now I can not walk without pain. I've been on arnica 30c for 3 days, and no relief yet. What should be my next action?

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