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Saccharum Officinale
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ATTN: Mr Udaya SP Child
 1 sami123 203 Mar 11 2018
udaya kumar
Attn:Mr Udaya pain in shoulders and elbows with skin problem
 1 sami123 216 Mar 11 2018
udaya kumar
Kind Attn Mr Udaya: severe skin allergy with red rashes on face
 4 sami123 426 Dec 7 2017
37 Years old man flesh growth between thumb and toe
 3 sami123 386 Nov 1 2017
udaya kumar
60 years aged woman having multiple issues
 8 sami123 649 Nov 13 2017
udaya kumar
Kind Attn Mr Udaya sores inside mouth peeled off skin
 1 sami123 215 Oct 11 2017
udaya kumar
Kind Attn Mr Udaya: Severe pain in the joint of left leg and foot
 6 sami123 520 Nov 1 2017
udaya kumar
Attn Mr Udaya 4 months old boy problem
 2 sami123 260 Oct 10 2017
udaya kumar
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