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Ezema protocol made by dr.Girilal
 0 Dr.Haran ch malaker 1021 May 3 2011
Dr.Haran ch malaker
Patient's Post Jaundice,bilrubin 6.50mg/dl
 1 Dr.Haran ch malaker 1893 Jul 8 2008
udaya kumar
Patient's Post Eye problem,learned doctors help please
 2 Dr.Haran ch malaker 1614 Jul 7 2008
Dr.Haran ch malaker
Cervical spondylosis myelopathy.
 0 Dr.Haran ch malaker 1963 Jun 29 2008
Dr.Haran ch malaker
No side effect of homeopathic medicines
Last page
 26 Dr.Haran ch malaker 10646 Jul 4 2008
Patient's Post Dr.Joe de livera,dr.Deoshluk sharma,dr.Girilal,dr.Mumtaz ali reaz,dr.Risihma and others please share your knowledge everwhere for homeopathy.
 4 Dr.Haran ch malaker 1652 Jun 24 2008
Dr.Haran ch malaker
Dear learned doctor of this forum pls read this thread and share your openions about our homeopathic medicines.
 0 Dr.Haran ch malaker 1096 Jun 23 2008
Dr.Haran ch malaker
First mensturation
 4 Dr.Haran ch malaker 2799 Dec 30 2007
udaya kumar
 1 Dr.Haran ch malaker 2028 May 4 2007
Joe De Livera
Patient's Post Cervical spodylosis myelopathy.
 2 Dr.Haran ch malaker 3192 May 2 2007
Dr.Haran ch malaker
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